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ENS crosses the milestone of half a million .eth domain names registered

ENS, Ethereum Name Service, is a service for mapping Ethereum addresses to human-readable domain names ending in .eth, such as vitalik.eth instead of 0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa96045. The ENS service is becoming increasingly popular among Ethereum users and others; it has become a trend to display ENS names in people’s Twitter profiles, including those of celebrities like Paris […]

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Microsoft Pulls Windows Server Updates Causing Domain Controller Boot Loops and Hyper-V Issues

January’s Patch Tuesday left many Windows Server administrators in dire straits: domain controllers in boot loops, ReFS volumes unavailable, and Hyper-V refusing to boot. BeepComputer reports that administrators described domain controllers on all versions of Windows entering boot loops because the LSASS.exe process consumed all CPU resources and crashed the system, which automatically restarted. He […]

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Hyper-V and domain controller issues after Patch Tuesday • The Register

Update Microsoft’s first Patch Tuesday of 2022 has, for some people, broken Hyper-V and sent domain controllers into boot loops. A Register reader contacted regarding KB5009624, which they claim “breaks hypervisors running on WS2012R2”. “I’m dealing with this right now and it’s a problem,” our reader said. “After several attempts and failures, I uninstalled the […]

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The 8 best alternatives to Google Domains for domain registration

If you are interested in registering and purchasing a domain name for your website, you will notice many domain registrars in the market. Google Domains is one of the best domain registrars out there, but there are several other options, in case you want to go with a different registrar. So here are eight of […]

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No EU needed! Brexit and Leave domain names among 40,000 taken offline by bloc rules

The bloc’s rules state that the .eu domain suffix can only be granted to individuals or organizations based in the EU. The change means tens of thousands of domains owned by UK citizens and organizations have been taken offline. Among these is the website of the campaign group Leave.EU – the domain being the same […]

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leverage: platform for study abroad Leverage enters the field of financial services

The study abroad platform Leverage, which operates,, UniConnect, among others, has branched out into financial services and deployed three different services: international remittances, lending ‘studies and international bank accounts. “The main area of ​​interest for us right now is remittances, it fits perfectly into the product market with the student journey, fits perfectly […]

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Summons targeted over 35,000 Cloudflare customer domain names in six months * TorrentFreak

Homepage > Anti-piracy > DMCA > Cloudflare does not delete anything in response to DMCA takedown notices, unless it stores the content permanently on its network. However, the company will release customer personal data to copyright owners who obtain a DMCA subpoena. During the first half of 2021, civilian subpoenas targeted hundreds of customers linked […]

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Domain Name System (DNS) Firewall Market Size, Detailed Business Development Analysis, Top Companies 2026

The extensive market insights of the Global Domain Name System (DNS) Firewalls Market report will surely increase business and improve Return on Investment (ROI). The report has been prepared taking into account several aspects of marketing research and analysis including estimates of Domain Name System (DNS) Firewall market size, market dynamics, marketing best practices ‘business […]

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Supervisors oppose use of eminent domain for CO2 pipeline | News

by Dan Mundt Letter sent to the Iowa Utilities Board The Crawford County Supervisory Board on Monday approved a letter to be sent to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) regarding the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline project that could cross Crawford County if approved by the IUB. The pipeline would transport liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) from […]

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What we found on Microsoft’s latest domain entry

Threaters reportedly attacked 29 government agencies around the world in a recent malicious campaign. The attacks have been attributed to the China-based Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group, Nickel, which is known to track down governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. To date, Microsoft has seized 42 domains that malicious […]